Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera

Municipality of Vinodol Tourist Board, Bribir 1, HR-51253 Bribir, Crikvenica Tourist Board, Stjepan Radic Square 1c, HR-51260 Crikvenica

Are you looking for a holiday rich in experiences, one you can see, hear, taste and touch, a holiday where you can soak up the destination and feel its primordial pulse of life? Your first encounter with the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera will leave you feeling enchanted by its relaxing combination of sea, lakes, valleys, forests and mountain peaks. An endless interplay of blue and green landscapes will follow you every step of the way, but the thing that will probably delight you the most is the fact that such diversity is so close at hand! Here, you can laze on a sandy beach, go for a walk in the woods or explore the area’s exciting history, and then have an evening out on the town – all on the same day! A favourable location in Kvarner, a healthy climate and microclimate, clean air and sea, scenic beauty, and a fascinating cultural and historical heritage are just some of the highlights of this area, whose tradition in tourism dates back more than 140 years.

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